2 weeks ago I started posting #100daysofsimplejoys on a whim.

Day 1

Day 1

My kids were loving when I hung out laundry because then they could pretend that the hanging clothes were a monster and the monster was eating them #kidsknowhowtohavefun. And I was enjoying watching them take so much pleasure out of something that many people would consider a mundane and maybe even unnecessary chore. I snapped a pic of my youngest running through my flapping laundry and I went to post it on Instagram when I remembered a video that I saw on YouTube where the Vlogger mentioned how she had done a #100daysofmakeup challenge and it clicked for me that I could do the same with my simple joys. I didn’t really think it through, I didn’t plan it out, I just spontaneously posted a picture of my Little Red under the clothesline….Then came day 2.

I knew I had to finish what I started so I was on the look out for simple joys throughout the day and actually found many things worthy of the hashtag #100daysofsimplejoys. I still thought it would be easy.

Then it rained…and rained and rained. I don’t know about y’all but my mood is easily affected by the weather. Maybe it’s the vitamin D but I need sunshine, or a whole lot of willpower, to keep a sunny disposition when it is not sunny. So, I confess, I used some of day 2’s simple joys over the next few days. But then, even while the days were dreary, my mind was so focused on finding small, simple things that made me happy that I was finding them in places I hadn’t seen them before. I was stopping and appreciating my quiet and peaceful backyard then just a few days later stopping and appreciating my noisy, full of life ball field.

I was and am feeling more thankful for the small moments. I am savouring the little things. I am finding that things I normally overlook I am stopping and seeing. And more than anything else I am finding that there are so many things that aren’t “instagram worthy” that ARE worthy of my attention and my gratitude.

So what about you? Do you want to join me in noticing the small moments? Do you want to appreciate the little things that don’t take much time, effort or money to enjoy? They are just there waiting for us to find them! If you want to take part just start looking around then share pics or posts of your simple joys on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #100daysofsimplejoys and #simplejoys, or just post in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear about all the simple things that make you joyful!!!

Happy Tackling! – Amber