20 Simple Things Almost Anyone Can Enjoy Today:

1. Running through hanging laundry…or watching kids run through hanging laundry…or just hanging out laundry and then enjoying the scent of it once it has dried. Basically I am just saying “Hang up some laundry!”
2. Watching a seed turn into food. If you don’t have seeds in the ground now, go and get a pack and plant some today!
3. Digging in the dirt. Combine this with #2 and it is 2 birds with 1 stone.
4. Hugs: Giving and getting.
5.  Playing in mud puddles…kind of like digging in dirt only messier. Which some would argue is even more fun.
6. Watching baby lambs. Don’t have baby lambs near you? Contact local farms to see if they do open houses, or go to an animal shelter and see if you can play with the animals there, or just watch for animals out in your yard.
7.  A quiet backyard. Or a quiet park. Or a quiet room. Sometimes you just need to enjoy some quiet.
8.  Volleyball.
9.  Dandelion wishes.
10.  Merry-go-rounds.
11.  Rainbows! Can’t find a rainbow? Make one!
12.  Walk around barefoot. (Someplace it’s safe to do so! #sketchless)
13. The sight and smell of lilacs. They are dying out here but plenty of other flowers are just as easy to enjoy.
14.  Soft horse noses. I don’t recommend just randomly petting horses, but if you have one, or can get permission to pet one, pet it’s nose. They are so soft!
15.  Sunsets. They usually come once a day. 😃16. Photographs. Take some pictures, or look at old pictures. Whatever floats your boat.
17. Play on a playground. (Even if you are “too old”)
18.  Find flowers that are your favorite color. Mine is purple. 💜
19.  Curls…okay maybe only I can enjoy this today and everyday.
20. Swinging. Just do it! It might make you feel silly, or a little dizzy but it’s also guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again.

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Happy Tackling!- Amber


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