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Month: April 2016

Sleep Kicker Review

I am so excited to bring you all my first product review! The folks at Baby DeeDee gave me a choice of any of their products in exchange for me doing an honest review. I chose their Sleepkicker because it looked like the item my youngest child could get the most use out of.

My Baby Deedee package arrived just days before my youngest daughters 3rd birthday, so being the industrious woman that I am I gave her the Sleepkicker for her birthday. I wasn’t sure how pajamas were going to go over as a birthday present (she is normally a pretty thankful girl…but, you know, she’s 3) but she was SO excited. Her exact words were “This is comfy, cozy!”

I was pleased with the Sleepkicker as well as it appears to be well made and it’s one-size-fits-2T-to-4T style means it should fit Little C for a long time. What makes this item so “comfy, cozy” is due in part to it’s saggy baggy style and it’s soft fleece fabric. And although the saggy pants style may not be for eveyone as it can appear that there is too much fabric in the bottom area, I find it to be AAAAAdorable  and it does not intefer with my little one’s movement or comfort. There is space to layer cotton jammies underneath and the snug but not too tight elastic cuffs on the ankles keep the pant legs secureley in place so there is no chance of tripping on pant legs. Also now that we have had a chance to wear and wash this a few times I am still impresed with the softness of the material and the the quality with which it was made. The seams, zipper, and elastic are all holding perfectly.

My 2 complaints are 1 – the lack of color choices. It comes in 3 color choices gray w/ pink trim, gray w/green trim, and blue w/green trim.  We got the gray/pink combo as it was the one I thought would most appeal to my little girl. I’d love to see the Sleepkicker in a purple/pink combo as these are Little C’s favorite colors. The other items in their product selection have other color options so I think it’s just a matter of time before the Sleepkickers colors expand as well.

My 2nd complaint is not necessarily about the Sleepkicker itself but the laws surrounding children’s sleepwear which made the labeling on Deedee’s Sleepkicker somewhat confusing. The label reads that the Sleepkicker is fire resistant but is not treated with fire retardants. I emailed the company for clarification and very quickly recieved a response saying the the polyester fabric itself is fire resistant in and of itsself and is NOT treated with and fire retardant chemicals. I did some additonal research about sleepwear, because that’s just what I do (seriously, just ask my family about my excessive Googling habits) and found more information about the federal requirements that children’s sleepwear in the U.S meet certain criteria for resisting flames or be snug fitting. The jist of it all is that ANY sort of non-snug-fitting, fuzzy, commercially made pajamas have to be made of polyester (or similar fabric with innate flame resistance) or they have to be treated with chemicals. There are varying opinions on if these laws are necessary or actually harmful by requiring the use of chemicals on some fabrics and you can read a couple of articles on the topic here and here.

I myself usually opt for snug fitting cotton pajamas for my children but do let them have a pair or two “comfy, cozy” polyester jammies for cold winter nights here in the U.P. while I avoid anything that has been treated with flame retardant chemicals. I am glad this Sleepkicker does not fall into the treated category and that the company is open and willing to quickly answer customer questions. Also Baby DeeDee carries a whole line of baby/toddler blankets and sleepwear including cotton options.

Overall I am happy with this sleepwear and think it will get a lot of use before my duaghter grows out of it or wears it out. It is definitely a great option to have in the cold winter months (or cold spring months that we are having now) in Upper Michigan. We can keep the heat down but still know our little one is warm and not kicking off her blankets in the middle of the night.

If you are interested in purchasing a Sleepkicker or any of Baby DeeDees products my readers can get 20% off their first purchase here.

If you have any additional questions about the Sleepkicker I am glad to answer all I can or you can contact the company on their contact page .

Happy Tackling –

Counted With The Stars Book Review

Amber tackles…Counted With The Stars book review

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Counted With The Stars

I was fortunate enough to be a part of Connilyn Cossette’s book launch team, and was able to read Counted With The Stars before the release date, and it was amazing!

I don’t know that my husband appreciated me having our bedroom lamp on until 1 o’clock in the morning but I had so much trouble putting this book down. That captivating, page turning, finish in one sitting feeling is one I often get with suspense or mystery books but not so much with historical fiction…until now.

I was so drawn in by the story Kiya, an Egyptian maiden who lives through the 10 biblical plagues while also enduring the inexplicable harshness of her new mistress after she is sold into slavery by her father.
She struggles not just with the loss of the luxurious life she once lived, but also her feelings of abandonment and betrayal by her family, and confusion as to why a Hebrew slave girl has befriended her when she is now a pariah both among the Egyptians and slaves.

When the Hebrews set out on their Exodus she is torn between her homeland and people which she once loved (but abondoned her and are now ravaged), or a God who (if the stories of the Hebrews are true) is both powerful and frightening.

If you are a fan of Christian fiction or historical fiction this book is one to read. I can’t wait for Connilyn Cossette’s next book! Unfortunely the second book in the “Out of Egypt” series is not set to be released until October 18th this year

If you’d like to get your hands on this book there are a couple giveaways going on right now.

If you head over to Periscope to Cara Grandle’s channel @caragrandle and watch her scope from this morning she has an interview with the author of Counted with the Stars – Connilyn Cossette and Cara also tells you how you can enter to win a copy from her.

Also on Connilyn Cossettes website she has a book giveaway along with a beautiful necklace and earring set so you can “Sparkle like an Egyptian.”

If you want to get your copy now it is available on online through many retailers including Amazon.

Happy tackling!

– Amber

If you are a writer looking for encouragement and community you can join Cara Grandle’s author4theAuthor facebook group (which is where I found out about Connilyn’s launch team .)

If you are reader looking for recommendations, links to giveaways, or online book discussions you can join my Book Tacklers Book Club facebook group.

* My enjoyment of this book was purely from the storytelling aspect. I am not a historian or biblical expert and do not know how accurate Ms. Cossette’s depictions of events or places are.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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