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Month: May 2016

Getting Free Sunscreen!

If I had a dollar for everytime I was told that I am the “whitest white person” that someone has ever met I would be one rich lady.

My fair skin (and the comments that come along with it) doesn’t bother me at all…that is until I go out in the sun. Then I BURN, and burn quickly. “How quickly?” you ask. I will tell you how quickly – When I was a teenager, living in Texas, I had marching band practice for 2 hours everyday after school and if I did not put on SPF 40+ sunscreen at least twice during practice I would be red hot burned by the time I got home. NOT…FUN.

Oops! I forgot to put sunscreen on my knees.

Oops! I forgot to put sunscreen on my knees.

So I think it goes without saying that I go through a lot of sunblock.

When I was younger I would use whichever sunscreen was cheapest but as I had kids, 2 of which are redheads and even fairer than me, I began to learn about the chemicals that are in conventional sunscreen. My oldest had sensitivities to fragrances, dyes and other chemicals in any and all soaps, detergents, lotions, etc. practically from birth so I was definitely cautious about the products I put on her.

In my research I came across information about the 4 types of sun protection

1.SUNSCREENS – Uses ingredients like oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate to filter or absorb the suns raditation.

2. SUNBLOCKS a.k.a. Mineral Sunscreens – Uses ingredients like titanium oxide and zinc oxide to create a physical barrier on your skin that blocks the sun’s radiation

3. Formulas that use a mix of both sunblocks and sunscreens.

4. Physical Protection – Things like long sleeves, hats, and sunglasses to block the suns rays.

I usually opt for options 2 and 4, sunblocks and physical protection, for me and my family. (The reason I avoid sunscreens is that the chemicals used to protect against UV rays can also cause skin irritaions, allergic reactions, and some studies show that they may cause hormone disruptions. )

So we stay out of the sun during the peak UV hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. if possible, stay in the shade, wear items to physically block the sun rays, and use mineral sunblock and lots of it.

The “greener” sunscreens are all pretty pricey so I wasn’t too excited about having to buy an entire bottle in order to try it so I started contacting all the companies who had highly rated sunscreens on the Environmental Working Groups Guide to Sunscreens Best Sunscreens List and requested samples. I figured I would get a couple samples and at least one of the sunscreens would work well enough for me to want to buy a full bottle. But boy was I surprised when I recieved samples from not just 2 or 3 companies but 18!

Basically I had enough sunscreen for an entire summer just by contacting companies and requesting samples!

How To Tackle Requesing Sunscreen Like Amber –
1. Go to the company’s website and find their “contact us” page.

2. Use the contact form on their page or the email provided to send a message with what you are requesting, why you are requesting it, and your name and address.

(I wrote about how my kids are fair skinned and sensitive and that I was trying to find the best sunscreen for my family. If I had used a product by the company I would include a note about which products of theirs I already enjoyed. If I had never used their products I wrote about why I wanted to try something of theirs.)

3. If you can not find contact info on their website use their Facebook page and contact them through direct message.

4. Get emails back saying “Yes, your sample is on the way!” “No samples, but here is a coupon!” “Sorry, we don’t have samples at this time.”

5. Email all those people back saying “Thanks! You are awesome.” or “No problem. Thanks for taking the time to respond!”

5. Get a bunch of sunscreen samples in your mailbox over the next 6 weeks!

Easy Peasy!

I will get of the list of the companies that sent me samples or coupons up as soon as I can!

Happy tackling! – Amber

April Recap

Hello, fellow tacklers!

Have you missed me? I promise you I have big plans for this blog…but somehow my other projects always seem to get in the way.

Some projects I have tackled lately include: switching which kitchen I use in my house, moving our bedroom into the old kitchen (we took out the fridge but the cabinets, an old range, and a sink are still in there), moving my Ebay inventory from being jammed into the corner of my living room/spread out randomly in our outbuildings to the room that was previously our bedroom, then organizing all 200+ items, putting all my boys toys into bins in the basement and then rearranging their room so that they could play without me losing my mind over the mess (though most of their toys may not have made it back up to their room yet. ;)), fighting repeatedly with my washer that does not want to keep working and constantly needs the drain cleaned out, helping my sister-in-law go through all her books, listing her books and over 100 other items on Ebay, planning what seeds I need for my garden, buying seeds for my garden, planning where to plant seeds in my garden, obsessing over my garden (Okay, that’s not a project but I sure do spend a lot of time doing it.), cleaning out our barn in preparation for when the 50 pigs we are boarding over the summer show up, taxes a.k.a torture, and finally (FINALLY!) starting to plant some cold season crops in one of our garden beds.

And if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that the month of April ended with my kids running fevers and vomitting, and my Grandpa being admitted to the hospital with cogestive heart failure. (He is stable for now, thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers!)

I guess you could say that life doesn’t always follow my plans. But I promise you blogging is definitely on my “Too Tackle” list!

I have gotten requests for some scopes about gardening techniques so those will be coming soon, but for now fI have to bathe a 3 year old that insists on drawing on herself any chance she gets (there is always that one kid, right?) and give an 8 year old his first antibiotic EVER. Everyday is an adventure!

Happy Tackling! – Amber

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