Hey guys, if you haven’t joined yet you need to go join Reader’s Legacy! For real.

Reader’s Legacy is a social media site for book lovers, similar to Goodreads in that you can review books, get recommendations, connect with your friends, but the coolest part for me is that you can earn FREE books.
Free, brand-new, physical books!

When you sign up you get 40,000 Litcoins which should be enough to get a book that retails for around $12. You still do have to pay shipping on books and I have found that if you order 1 book at a time it is about $5 shipping, but if order 2 or 3 books atba time shipping is only $6-$8.

I have ordered and received 5 brand new books from Reader’s Legacy using the Litcoins I earned from signing up, adding books, liking reader and author’s pages, and from referring new users.

I just put in my latest book order and paid $7.34 shipping for 3 books that retail for a total of $50.85. I could get those same books new on Amazon right now for $37.74, or used for $23.66. But anyway I crunch it it is a good deal to get my books from Reader’s Legacy.

Also, did I mention that they are donating thousands of dollars to children’s literacy programs? It’s an all around win from my point if view.

Check it out!