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Small steps to change the world around you.


How can I make a difference? How does one person change the world? My life is full of responsibilities. I have a family to take care of, a property to pay off, mouths to feed, peoples wellbeing to look after, animals to care for, a garden to weed, schooling to do, a business to run, a farm to tend to, relationships to build and to keep intact… How do I even make time for saving the world or making an impact on issues that are much bigger than me, issues that I can’t see up close, issues that I don’t know the answer to…. What can I do?

Well I can take small steps toward improving the world and…

I can be kind.
I can be generous, with my posessions, but also with my time and my energy.
I can be grateful, and let others know of my gratitude.
I can be positive and optimistic, and not bog others down with my negativity.
I can be loving to all I encounter.
I can be happy and joyful.
I can be calm and not escalate situations with my anger.
I can be patient and understanding, and try to look at things from another view
I can be disciplined and work on my small corner of the world day by day.
I can be determined and not give up, or give in.
I can be self controlled and not let my feelings determine my actions.
I can be gentle with my hands but also with my words.
I can be compassionate. I can be merciful.

I can be quiet. I can shut my mouth and not say a word until I know the facts and the feelings of a situation. I can keep my negativity to myself when I am feeling sad, or angry, or scared. I can keep my newsfeeds quiet. And I can talk people I know, and love and trust about my thoughts and feelings instead of throwing them out there to just rile up strife in those that don’t know my heart.
I can love. I can wish for and work for the best for people. Whether the know me or not. Whether they love me or not. Whether they hate me or not.

I can be kind. Whereever I am at, to whoever I come across.
I can be kind.

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Feel free to repost if you too are feeling small like me, in the middle of a big mess and want to do something, ANYTHING to make a little dent in it all.


  1. Hahaha! I love and can relate to all those simple ways to change the world!!


  2. 🙂 been trying to use these same guides to change my world. Its forward and back. But I try to remember that I can affect change creatively too. There are ways to change what you don’t like.

  3. Really like this. I have Sunday reflections where I try and see how I can be better . I struggle with patience, but even when you have a tough week it is so important to be grateful. These are all fabulous ways to try and change and just be better in general.

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